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[PSP] Naruto Shippuden: Legends – Akatsuki Rising (EUR) ISO Download

PSP Naruto Shippuden Legends - Akatsuki Rising
Title : [PSP] Naruto Shippuden: Legends – Akatsuki Rising (EUR) ISO Download

Game Information
Japanese Title : —
Publisher : Namco Bandai Games America
Developer : Namco Bandai Games
Genre : Battle + Action Game
Version : Europe
Available On : Play Station Portable (PSP)
Size : 505MB
Format : ISO
Players : 1
Catalog No : UCJS-10036
Supplier : OUTCAST
Realease Date : 2009-09-26
Official Website : —
System Firmware : 5.55

Preview / Gameplay :

Description / About This Game :
Naruto and his friends are in for the fight of their lives as they search for Gaara, the fifth Kazekage, who has been kidnapped by the dreaded Akatsuki organization. It’s a race against time as the Akatsuki attempts to release Shukaku, the demon sealed inside Gaara.

Naruto Shippuden: Legends: Akatsuki Rising promises to deliver fierce ninja action as players re-live the Naruto Shippuden storyline. Players will assume control of over 10 of their favorite ninja, including the dreaded Akatsuki The game boasts streamlined controls designed after PSP, ensuring exciting and fast-paced tactical battles making best use of each character’s Jutsus. Aim and time the powerful Jutsu attacks with a simple button commands and devastate the enemies by entering Hypermode. As characters defeat the enemies or take damage, the Hyper Gauge will start to fill which enhance the Jutu or unlocks new Jutus. Players will be able to gain advantage in the heat of a battle by selecting two support characters to form a three-man team for each mission. Utilize the different skills each character brings and combine their attacks with yours to discover ultimate combos in defeating

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